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Contemporary Approaches to Management & Environments

Contemporary Approaches to Management and Environments of Organizations

The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management Sociotechnical Systems Quantitative Management Organizational Behavior Systems Theory How the Approaches are Different from One Another Sociotechnical systems theory is a contemporary approach to…

Retirement Planning and Savings

Retirement Planning and Savings

Retirement planning and savings are a factor in one’s future financial stability. In planning, you need to analyze risks and obstacles, and the suitability of your savings. You could opt…

Corporate Social Responsibility & Stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Firm Value

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder theory help in guiding the development of a firm’s value. These two are strongly connected. For instance, when CSR is tackled, stakeholder theory is…

Broken Windows Theory in Business Management

Physical Environment Effects on Employee Productivity

In using the Broken Windows Theory in business management, the physical characteristics of the workplace affect worker behavior. This is especially true in cases where the physical environment has unusual…

Pygmalion Effect in Management

Pygmalion Effect in Management

Managers are typically interested in maximizing the performance of workers. There are a variety of means of achieving this goal, but all of these means are subject to the influence…